Can you Complete a Kitchen Renovation for Under $5000?

Some might say that a $5000 budget is unrealistic when it comes to kitchen renovation.  But there’s a lot you can do to have it on-trend in 2018 if you stick to a simple, classic approach. Aside from potential plumbing and electrical work, most people can undertake a low-budget kitchen renovation with minimal hassle providing it doesn’t need a complete layout overhaul.

The Bordeaux by Metricon

Experience sleek kitchen design with The Bordeaux by Metricon.

First Things First

One kitchen renovation idea to consider is updating your cabinets and cabinet lighting, paint, hardware, flooring, storage, appliances, and countertops.

Look first to replacing damaged or dated cabinets. Colours trending this year are whites, greys and blacks. Budget $1500 but factor in additional expenses for hardware such as handles, which could cost an extra few hundred dollars, as would new kitchen faucets and sinks. Pendant lights are also worth considering.

Don’t forget making the most of wall cabinet storage. Slimline cabinets are worth considering placed over a freestanding fridge and enclosed with two pantry end panels for a sleek look and extra storage space. Have at least two sets of drawers with inserts. Kitchen islands for storage are increasingly doing the heavy lifting in 2018 and are getting larger in open plan areas as a result.

Resurface Your Benchtops

Look next to updating countertops to enliven the kitchen’s feel. Look to materials that compliment your cabinets such as laminate, which can present the look of stone. Other styles are vinyl, bamboo, concrete and tile. For a few hundred dollars you can resurface benchtops, tiles, and cupboards with specialty paints from White Knight Paints and Rust-Oleum.

The Stanley by Masterpiece Homes

Embrace stylish, open-plan living with The Stanley by Masterpiece Homes

Consider Upgrading to a Smarter Kitchen

Replacing appliances will significantly increase one’s budget so consider a bargain appliance package of between $1000 and $2000 or look for products that can revitalise the appearance of aged appliances and bronze range hoods. Consider an upgraded dishwasher, refrigerator and stove— all with matching character. Smart kitchen technology is also trending in 2018, so consider what you can get away with and consider on-trend grey-toned appliances in a dark brushed metal finish.

Refresh Your Flooring  

Flooring costs depend on square meters and material. Consider less expensive popular options such as linoleum and vinyl which, for average-sized kitchens, can cost under $2000. Floorboards can be costly so if you intend to update a tiled floor, consider Gerflor’s DIY stick-on vinyl flooring for a fresh floorboard look. Ceramic tiles are increasingly popular in 2018.

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