Design a Small Laundry Room with these Tips

When working with a smaller home it can be essential to make the most of your space. A small laundry room can be a great way to utilise the space in your home. A laundry room doesn’t need to take up much space. Here are a few tips to create the perfect compact laundry room for your new home.

Smart Storage – Laundry in a Closet?



The most important aspect to think about when designing a small laundry space is where you are going to keep everything. One way to consider factoring in a small laundry in your home is to have your appliances all tucked away in a cupboard. This allows for the laundry to be located within a bathroom or other part of the house – which can be functional in terms of storing cleaning products, even linen, together in one place. Where you can in your laundry space, take advantage of wall shelving as this will reduce the amount of floor and cupboard space you use to store your goods and appliances.

Multi-Purpose Decor and Rooms



Nothing saves space better than choosing decor that can be used in multiple ways. A multi-purpose laundry island could be the right thing for you. A small island in the laundry can be used for storage, as well as a place for ironing and other washing placements. You could also link your laundry to a small working space. The laundry doesn’t need to be a place you hide away. If designed and decorated well – the room in which your laundry is done can be just as pretty and welcoming as the rest of your home.

Ventilation is important in a laundry space – particularly if it is a smaller room. Ensure that there are windows or a door that can be open to let air into a space. This can help if you are both air drying clothes or using a clothes dryer that is spitting out hot air.

Where you can – choose small appliances that will be easily stored. Placing the washer and dryer under a bench that you use for further storage is a terrific way to make more use of a smaller space.

Spice It Up



Just because the laundry is not an overly personal space, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look nice! It can be a nice touch to add plants and greenery to your laundry. As well as pops of colour that add life to an area that often goes unnoticed with whites and neutrals. Greens and blues can be great cool tones to brighten up a small laundry room.

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Katrina Ellis

Katrina is passionate about plants, interior design and inspiring others to create their perfect living space


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