Renovate your home without breaking the bank!

Renovating your home is great for two things: creating some serious home envy amongst your guests and more importantly, tailoring your home to suit you! The greatest hindrance to most home improvement projects is inadequate resources. The cost of the renovation materials, paying for their delivery, and then contracting an architect and a handyman to do the job for you can be quite heavy financially.

Home renovation

If you’re looking to renovate, but you’re concerned about the cost, check out our tips for renovating your home beautifully yet economically.  

Think About Your Indoor Lighting

A well-lit home is a beautiful home, regardless of how old it is. If your windows have insufficient light, the ideal solution for that is to install large windows. That’s not the only solution though. You can, for example, increase your home’s indoor lighting by painting its existing windows with a lighter shade compared to the one you are going to paint your walls with. This ensures that the little light that comes in is reflected more around the room. Another option at your disposal is installing smart lights, e.g. the light tube, to supply your home’s darkest areas with sufficient sunlight.

Decongest Your Kitchen

If you are finding your kitchen too congested, consider knocking down some walls in favour of more open-plan design. You could also create more space in the kitchen by adding a butler’s pantry or removing any unnecessary cabinetry. Don’t forget to paint the cabinets and the kitchen walls as well for a lighter, more airy feel.

Paint Your Home In A Color Pallet That Blends Well With Your Floor

When operating on a shoestring budget, the last thing you want is to renovate your floor. That process is tedious and expensive. Instead, you can make your house look modern by keeping the floor as is and then renovating things around it so that they can blend in. One way of achieving this without overstretching your budget is to paint your house using colours which complement the floor and at the same time reflect light all around the home.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathroom floor dilapidated? Showerhead leaking? Remodelling your home’s bathrooms can make your home look substantially more snazzy. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to remodel your bathroom, it can be as simple as switching up the shower or changing the tiles for a more sleek, modern look.

Replace the Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, it’s not just the front door that could do with more than a lick of paint! Replacing the doors in your home is a subtle way to spruce up the place, be it new, less weathered doors between rooms or adding French doors to the outdoor area to invite more natural light!

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Monica Gibson

Monica Gibson is a decoration expert with a degree in architecture and 8+ years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to create their perfect home.


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