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Common Delays in Home Renovation Projects and How to Resolve Them

Delays of some kind are inevitable when undertaking home renovation projects. While they’re universally dreaded, the unfortunate reality is that waiting it out is sometimes the only solution. To help you prepare for the worst, we’ve listed some of the most common delays and the best approaches to take to minimise disruption to your schedule…

PROBLEM 1: Inclement weather
If your renovation or refurbishment is indoors then you’re covered (literally!) from the possibility of any delays due to poor weather. For outdoor projects, however, rain, high winds or excessive heat can impact your schedule and threaten your profit margins with each passing day.

THE FIX: The best way to stay on track is to prepare! Rain puts an immediate stop to any exterior painting and planned concrete pours, so planning for possible inclement weather setbacks is essential.

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PROBLEM 2: Budget shortages
Losing track of your budget is all too common when it comes to home renovation projects! The expenses can easily pile up and what started out as a well-planned venture can lead to a mountain of debt with very little to show for it.

THE FIX: Keep your finances in check from the get-go and ensure you have access to a complete and accurate list of job costing utilities. This is the best tool for estimating costs and establishing a solid budget. If you’re really struggling, however, consider taking out a loan or increasing your current credit with your bank or financial institution.

PROBLEM 3: Subcontractor schedules
What else can throw your perfectly planned schedule into a sudden state of disarray? Contractors! It’s common for some to be so busy they may not be able to start your job for at least a few months.

THE FIX: While sourcing another, more available contractor may seem like the go-to solution, it’s not always so simple. If you’ve engaged the services of a builder or remodeler, then working with their highly trusted contractors is often the best way to ensure a fair price and a job well done. Sometimes, it pays to wait!

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PROBLEM 4: Permit delays
Every piece of land has a series of planning and building controls that designate when a permit is required and how a building should be built. While obtaining approval from your local council can take a minimum of three months, it’s a necessary evil when building new or undertaking home renovation projects.

THE FIX: Expedite the process by engaging the services of a professional town planner, ensuring your application is complete, your plans are accurate, and that any covenants on the land title have been accounted for. Click here to find out more about the planning permit phase.

PROBLEM 5: Overbooked crews
It’s not uncommon for construction companies to take on one too many projects, overbook their crews and then fall behind on the work.

THE FIX: While it’s great to be ambitious about your goals, everyone has limits. You may find that hiring extra workers is the best way to lighten the load, avoid delays and ensure less stress for yourself and your crew!

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Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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