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4 Top Queensland Property Investment Locations

Choosing where to invest and making sure you are well-informed is important. It is smart to consider population growth, development of infrastructure, as well as aspects like job opportunity and economic growth in areas you are investing. To help you get started, here are 5 property investment QLD locations that you might want to consider when starting your investment journey.




The popular Northern Queensland suburb of Townsville is expected to grow to have an additional 100,000 residents in the next couple decades. An average increase of 10% in economic growth over the last decade remains steady. Townsville is the fourth most sustainable city in Australia in terms of health, employment and transport, proving that the suburb is recovering from lagging property prices and set to grow and remain a valuable area for Northern Queensland.

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Sunshine Coast



The Sunshine Coast has been labelled as one of the biggest up and coming areas in the Queensland property market – growing due to the rise of infrastructure, industry growth, as well as jobs and lifestyle. The Sunshine Coast’s economy is being based on a long term government plan that will present investors with great opportunities and avenues for business growth and development. The reward of investing in bayside living is also appealing.

Currently, the highest growth suburb on the Sunshine Coast is Buddina (4575) with 18.9% growth in a 12 month period in 2017. A high demand suburb, among others that will be an investment asset among other areas on the Sunshine Coast.

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The beautiful tropical city of Cairns delivers in terms of investment potential. It is an area that delivers benefits while living, visiting and while investing and doing business. Cairn’s is leading in delivering education and healthcare, as well as being a magnet for tourism. Cairn’s economic growth potential is strong being located in the tropic zone, as well as employment rates, which have grown at 11.2%, being significantly more than the national average which sits at 3.7%.

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Despite the high median house price that may suggest to steer away investors, Pallara is an incredibly valuable suburb, 19 km south of the CBD that is close to public transport and local employment opportunities, with affordable homes that exist in developing estates that reach approximately $500,000. The suburb of Pallara, around 17 km from Brisbane, proves to hold areas that will guarantee large amounts of growth. Not to mention that Pallara is already surrounded by successfully established suburbs such as Heathwood, that display Pallara’s potential.

When your investing you are not really tied down to your home state, South Australia could be a good option.

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