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Est. 1998
50-100 builds P.A.
6 months free maintenance period
7 years guarantee

  • Your local builder in the North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region.
  • Proudly Australian owned and operated.

As a future home-owner, you wouldn’t trust anyone but the best to build your dream house, would you?

If you want the best service that money can buy when it comes to designing, planning, and constructing your new home, then you simply can’t look past the friendly team at Alphaline Homes.

However, you are probably asking yourself why you should choose us. There are many reasons, but some of the most important include:

• Building Custom Homes at Project home prices – giving you flexibility
• We offer a Start Build Guarantee – We guarantee to start construction within 30 days of written notice of unconditional finance approval.
• FREE Detailed 90min Consultation to discuss your DNA (Design Needs Analysis)
• We are your local FAMILY builder in the Brisbane, Sunshine coast and Gold Coast region, and we understand what it means to be local.
• We know how important it is to get things right when building your dream home. Our only dream is to make your dream come true!
• We are proudly Australian owned and operated, and have been that way since our inception.

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At Alphaline Homes we take the time to consult with you and get a real feel for what it is that you want to create for you and your family. We look at the aspect of the block that you wish to build on. We find out what is important for you and your family. We ask the important questions that other builders won't. We want you to love your new home and have no regrets or compromises when you move in.

Ask us about our DNA- Design, Needs, Analysis. During your DNA consult, we'll run through our comprehensive list of 180 questions to uncover your hidden design and planning needs such as:

• How many people are you expecting to accommodate in your home and could that change in the future?
• Do you require higher ceilings in your garage/carport for your boat/vehicle?
• If you have pets, do you want an area closed off in the house for them?
• Where do you prefer to eat? I.e. At the dining table or in front of the TV?
• If you have kids, do they have specific hobbies that require space?
These questions will help us ensure your new home design will not only meet your needs today, but to future-proof your home for now, and the next 5-10 years.

Do I need a block of land to book a DNA consultation?
Our DNA consultations are geared towards people who already have a block of land. But if you haven't secured land yet, that's OK too! Please get in touch with our team and we can get back to you with available land in the areas you are interested in purchasing in.

Alphaline Homes specialize in “building relationships & quickly turning dreams into reality"

If you are looking for an experienced builder who employs local staff and takes pride in their work, then don’t look past the friendly team at Alphaline Homes. There is nothing better than dealing directly with the directors. At Alphaline Homes you are NOT just a number, you have the power to communicate with the directors whenever you feel the need.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you believe that we can help you make a start on your dream home. Our friendly team is always happy to answer your questions and to give you obligation free advice.

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Brisbane North, Moreton Bay North, Moreton Bay South, Inner Brisbane, Brisbane West, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane East, Brisbane South, Gold Coast Area, Ipswich, Logan Area