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Facade shown: Livingstone

Alexis 33

Facade shown: Livingstone
From: $325,900*
*Based on the "Livingstone" facade & Visionnaire inclusions
Bedrooms: 4
Living: 4
Bathrooms: 2
House size: 33sq
From: $325,900*
*Based on the "Livingstone" facade

Inspiring, and complete with stylish sophistication, the Alexis Series is the ideal double story family home. You will enjoy all the opulence that comes with this intelligent design, including the ample living spaces to call your own. Whether it be a little indulgent relaxation or the entertaining of company, you will be sure to capture your fulfilment in this home. Come and experience it for yourself!

Our Inclusions Range
We offer a large range of home designs each with their own signature sparkle. Coupled with our Visionnaire, Aspire and Comfort range inclusions, TVH has everything you could ever want and need. We will work alongside you throughout the process as we build your future together!

Build Locations: Melbourne North West, Melbourne West, Geelong Area

Standard inclusions in this home

Kitchen & Appliances

Bathroom & Laundry

Flooring & Internals

Heating & Electrical

Garage & Externals

Permits & Ratings

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