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Think Like A Buyer When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, it is a good idea to take a step back and look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. The presentation and initial impressions evoked by your house can drastically change your home’s final selling price. By presenting your home in a way that appeals to prospective buyers, you can drastically increase the final selling price of your home.

selling your home

Think About The Buyer
When selling your home, you want to make sure your home appeals to as many different buyers as possible. However, taking an extra step back and assessing the infrastructure, facilities and demographics of your neighbourhood can give you an idea of who may be the ideal buyer of your home. Is your neighbourhood populated with schools and parks? If so, then you should probably stage your home in a way that targets families. On the other hand, if your home is situated in a lively area with lots of public transport, then you may want to appeal to younger singles and couples. Thinking about who your potential buyer may be will assist you in the process of effectively showcasing the key selling aspects of your home.

Look From The Outside In
In order to find the improvements you need to make to your home, it’s important to take a look at the entirety of your home with fresh eyes. If you can, try to enlist the objective help of a real estate agent or a pragmatic friend in this process. Start by looking at your house from the street and work your way in. Make notes on the key selling points of your house and the things that require fixing, updating or extra maintenance. See more on How To Stage Your Home For Sale. 

selling your home

Clean And Declutter
The most important and obvious step of marketing your home to potential buyers is to clean and declutter. Whilst this can be done yourself, some real estate agents may suggest that you employ the services of professional cleaners and outdoor landscapers in order to maximise your home’s selling potential. When cleaning your home for sale, put your priority on cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, windows, floors and walls. Remove or paint over any stains, fix any cracks and declutter your garden. These fixes will signal to buyers that your home is fresh and low-maintenance.

Prospective buyers are looking to see how their own life might look inside a prospective home, therefore it may be wise to remove any overtly personal objects from your home. These include photos, gifts, personalised items and souvenirs from family holidays. If you need to remove a large number of items, you may consider temporarily replacing these mementos with some generic decorations, like those in the bedroom below.

selling your home

When selling your home, it may be difficult to truly see what work needs to be done in order to showcase your home to its full potential. However, by thinking like a buyer and perhaps employing the help of an outside party, you will be able to maximise your home’s selling potential. 

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Grace Wang

Grace is a recent graduate of Monash University, where she studied Arts and Science. She is a property, architecture and interior design enthusiast.


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