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Designing Your Dream Kitchen? Here’s Where To Splurge

It’s no surprise that we spend a high proportion of our awaken time in the kitchen – whether that is making a coffee, a small snack or preparing an ultimate feast for the family. Needless to say, you want to spend this time in an inspiring space, an area that invites a flavoursome taste profile. Long gone are the days of a cramped kitchen. Nowadays, the design options are endless, involving high criteria to ensure all your needs are met. Are you designing your dream kitchen? We have compiled some tips to help you decide what elements are most important to splurge on!

designing your dream kitchen

Home design: Hampton 490 by Long Island Homes

The kitchen is the one place you don’t want to be jumping around clutter. The more space you have, the better. Plus, a neat kitchen is a stress-free kitchen! When designing your dream kitchen, splurging on smart storage solutions will only benefit you in the future. Installing spaces that have built-in utensil compartments allows you to stay organised, no matter what you’re up against (we know kids aren’t the neatest). When we say storage, we are also referring to cabinetry. The finish of your cabinetry can bring your kitchen from plain to luxe. So whether you aspire for your dream kitchen to be fashion over function or vice versa, you can never go wrong with effective storage design. You will thank us later!

designing your dream kitchen

Home design: Diaz 47 by Privium Homes

Lighting is maybe something you hadn’t considered important in a kitchen, but it can act as a serious game changer if used smartly. Pendant lighting upmarket the space and also allow more direct light into your workspace. If you’re going to cook something spectacular, you’re going to want the opportunity to admire it with good lighting (your Instagram won’t complain). When designing your dream kitchen, splurging in quality lighting is important, especially when choosing under the cabinet lighting. If you are short on space, wall sconces could fit in nicely depending on the fit-out of your kitchen.

designing your dream kitchen

Home design: Bayville 49 by Metricon

To achieve the ultimate cooking environment, we suggest spending money on enhancing bench spaces. Island benches are highly useful in kitchens as they offer a multipurpose use – whether you want it to increase your cooking space, have a place the kids can sit, have a glass of wine with friends while preparing a meal or just inviting a more modern feel to your place. Depending on the amount of space you have within your kitchen, try to focus on increasing the depth of an island bench. This will give you more usable space up top, and more legroom below for kitchen stools. Another easy tip is to keep benchtops clear as much as you can, allowing your kitchen to appear bigger and more spacious than it potentially is.

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Amanda Vearing

Amanda is a recent Advertising and Creative Industries graduate from Queensland University of Technology. She is an enthusiast for words and anything creative.


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