Rendition Homes

Est. 1990
3 months free maintenance period
50 years guarantee
  • Complimentary Custom Design
  • Knock Down and Re-Build Guidance & Advice
  • 50 year Structural Guarantee

Rendition Homes has been building homes for 25 years. During that time, we've also been building a reputation for our craftsmanship and personal service. It may be a claim that other builders make, but ours is backed up by 25 years of customer satisfaction. It's also why we've retained many of our craftsmen over that time – they want to work with a builder who appreciates their talents, and won't cut corners. To us, building is not about winning awards, it's about building to an award-winning standard, and that applies to every home we build.

Our Quality Guarantee is something that sets us apart from most builders. We are so confident of our building process and craftsmanship, that we absolutely guarantee the quality. So you can relax, knowing your home has been built to the high standard you expected.

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Adelaide - Central and Hills, Adelaide - North, Adelaide - South, Adelaide - West