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The 5 Things To Compare Builders On

If you have already sifted through possible builders, or created a shortlist of builders with the help of our expert consultants, then your next mission is to compare builders. This can be a tricky task – with every builder offering a different product with slightly different inclusions, prices and service. Throughout your process you need to try and find a builder who can meet your particular needs, rather than offer things that are good, but may not be crucial for you. Making a priority list of your needs can be the easiest way to do this.

We have explained the most important things to compare overall about the builders. These are things that most people are looking out for and will ensure a straightforward building process.

Criteria to Compare Builders on


One of the first things that people will use to compare builders is by visiting their display homes. This is a great way to look at what the builder can actually create and what the floor plan looks like in reality. However, always remember that a display house is the very best version of that house, full with upgrades and a high specification. It will normally have all of the exclusions, most expensive finishes and will be decorated with beautiful furniture. When you go through a display home make sure you ask how much that version of the home design would cost, and what is and isn’t included in the base price. Keeping these both in mind will give you a good idea about what you would be able to expect, and don’t focus on the lavish furniture but the design, layout and flow.


Comparing builders on the sort of inclusions that they provide is important. Although this may not have a huge impact on your thoughts about the actual builder, it will help you determine how much extra money you need over the base rate.

How to find the ideal builder for you.

It can sometimes be difficult to compare inclusions, with many people creating long lists or even spreadsheets to do this. However, if you head over to the you can compare inclusions and other important information, side by side. This makes it clear and easy to know what you should expect.




Getting different quotes from multiple builders can be very similar to comparing inclusions. A good way to make this step simple is to speak to one builder, compiling everything you want in the home, have them quote it. After that, remove the associated costs, and pass it over to the next builder on your shortlist and see if they can beat it or provide you with some benefit. Comparing factors that are identical means that you can get a true reading of what builders can provide you.


This one can be tricky. Ultimately it is important to have some sort of idea about whether a builder has a good relationship with past customers or not. However, as is common for most industries, a small amount of disappointed customers can drown out the excitement from the majority of impressed and happy customers. Don’t just listen to an individual who was delayed a few months during her building project, speak to as many people as you can and look online if you can, searching #buildername will lead you to find many customers who are currently or recently finishing off their own homes. You can always ask to speak to client of the builder who is close to completing their home and get some direct and recent feedback.

Financial Situation

It is vital that you don’t forget this one. Checking the financial situation of the builders on your shortlist can give you peace of mind, and reduce some huge headaches down the track. You really don’t want to be left with an incomplete house or unfulfilled warranties if your builder or developer goes out of business.

Asking your consultant or having a look at whether they have long-term relationships with their subcontractors or suppliers may show that they are in a positive financial situation. You could also have a look online at things like the ASIC website to ensure no creditor action is being taken agsinst the company. Keep in mind, it does take a bit of time for a building company to get off the ground and establish themselves.

Building your dream home is a huge journey, and doing it with the right builder is important. Comparing your options and feeling confident and informed will help the journey from being more straight forward and enjoyable. We are passionate at iBuildNew about helping you find the right builder. Call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call to discuss your options and requirements.

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