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How To Find A Home Builder

Building a new home is a journey filled with excitement and anticipation. One of the most critical steps in this process is finding the right home builder: someone who can turn your vision into bricks and mortar. It’s a serious decision to make, as it will affect the quality, time, and budget of your building project. Here’s a guide to help you through the process of finding a builder that’s right for you.

Know Your Needs

Before you start your search, have a clear understanding of what you need. Consider factors such as the size, style, and location of your future home. Are you aiming for a sustainable construction with energy-efficient materials or perhaps a design that caters to unique accessibility needs? Additionally, think about your budget and timeline, these constraints will guide you in choosing a builder who can deliver to your requirements. The clearer you are about your priorities, the easier it will be to communicate them and find a builder who resonates with your vision.

Research Builders

Start by exploring builder portfolios online to see whose work aligns with your style and quality expectations. Consider their presence in the market – how long they have been in business, the types of communities they build in, and the breadth of their work. Don’t overlook the value of local knowledge; a builder with a strong understanding of your chosen area can offer insights into the specifics of local regulations and environmental considerations. Don’t forget to look at their portfolio of past projects – this can give you an insight into their style and quality.

Check Credentials And Reputation

Once you’ve made a shortlist, dig a little deeper. Look for builders with proper licensing and insurance to ensure they meet professional standards. Read reviews and testimonials from past clients and consider reaching out to them to get firsthand accounts of their experiences. A reputable builder should be open to you speaking with their previous customers.

Look At Quality And Attention To Detail

Quality should never be compromised. Visit model homes or current projects by the builders you are considering. Pay attention to the craftsmanship, the materials used, and even the small details. Check the finish on cabinetry, the paintwork, the way doors close, and the fit of fixtures and appliances, as these can be indicators of the overall quality you can expect.

Understand Pricing And Inclusions

When comparing quotes, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. Understand what’s included in the price and what is considered an extra. Inquire if there are flexible options or tiers of inclusions to choose from and understand how these choices will impact the final look and price of your home. It is equally important to understand the process and potential costs involved should you decide to make changes once the build is underway.

Communication Is Key

The importance of clear, consistent communication with your builder cannot be overstated. Throughout the home build, you will need to make numerous decisions—some easy, some complex. A builder who listens and responds with clarity will make these decisions smoother. Assess how a builder communicates from your very first encounter. Do they reply to your inquiries promptly and clearly? Are they forthcoming with information? Remember, a reliable builder will not just talk but also listen, ensuring your needs and concerns are addressed throughout the process.

Read The Fine Print

The contract with your builder is a binding document that outlines the responsibilities of both parties, and it is your blueprint for understanding exactly what the builder will deliver. Scrutinise every clause to know your rights and obligations, including the agreed-upon timeline, payment schedule, and the builder’s warranty on workmanship and materials. Check for a clear process on how variations to the plan are handled, as changes mid-build can significantly affect both costs and timelines. Don’t hesitate to get professional advice to help interpret the contract terms before signing, ensuring you’re fully aware of all details and contingencies.

Simplify Your Home Building Journey With iBuildNew

iBuildNew streamlines the process of finding the perfect home builder, whether it’s for a knockdown rebuild or selecting from a variety of house designs and house & land packages. Our platform caters to a range of needs, including those looking for specific land & estate options. With iBuildNew, the guesswork is taken out of finding a builder. Our comprehensive directory and expert guidance ensure you connect with builders who not only meet your unique requirements but are also trustworthy and experienced. Start exploring your options today and take the first step towards making your dream home a reality.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Journalism. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests in property and design grew and became a strong pursuit. Davina has been writing for iBuildNew Group since 2019.


iBuildNew is the market leading aggregator dedicated to residential home construction and land development. As an independent platform, iBuildNew helps Australians identify and compare new home designs, house and land packages and land estates. It’s the smart way home buyers, who are considering a new build, can find the ideal options to match their individual needs. Home building is a big decision, we make sure you get it right.

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