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Questions to ask your new home builder

Building a new home is an exciting process, full of lots of big decisions along the way. Along with what suburb should we buy in and what type of home design would we like, one of the biggest decisions is which new home builder should we go with? So what questions do you need to ask to make sure you choose the best builder for you?

choose a new home builder

How do I choose the right new home builder?

Home builders Sarah and John from VIC say it’s important to meet in person. “You want to make sure you feel comfortable with them,” says Sarah.

You also want to be able to ask lots of question so you can feel confident you’re dealing with professional and reliable builder.

Questions to ask:

– Are they licensed and insured?

– How long have they been in business?

– How many new homes have they completed?

– How many other homes are they working on at the same time?

This last question was very important to Sarah and John, they wanted to be sure they could get their desired builder at the time they needed them.

“We really wanted this builder, because a lot of our friends had recommended them,” says Sarah.

Although this particular new home builder was really busy, which meant they had to wait longer to move in, having an honest conversation about realistic timelines actually saved Sarah and John time and money because they were able to budget and plan more precisely.

Sarah’s tip: there’s no such thing as a silly question or too many questions.

Can I see some previous examples of your work?

Michelle and Brian from WA say you should not only ask to see examples of houses completed in the past two years, but also ask if you can talk to the owners: “Talking to people who had just recently gone through the process was very reassuring because they’d had a good experience,” says Michelle.

It also means you get to see and touch the quality of the workmanship. “You wouldn’t employ someone at work without checking their references, so why should this be any different?” says Brian.

What isn’t included?

Julie and Aaron from VIC wished they’d asked what isn’t included. Excited about building their first home, they splurged a few times throughout construction, and upgraded a few fixtures and finishes.

Their first lesson was how costly changing your mind can be, as these changes maxed out their budget.

“We realised that certain things we expected to be a part of the package were actually extras and because we’d spent all our money, we had to live with no window coverings for the first three months!” says Aaron.

Common exclusions include government fees and charges, retaining walls, driveways, footpaths, fencing, floor coverings, removal of excess soil and rock breaking for excavation.

“There’s a whole list of things you’ll still need to budget for, so make sure you find out what they are early on,” says Aaron.

Can I call the building supervisor?

Stephen from QLD has been through this process twice now with volume builders. He’s learnt to have a good relationship with the building supervisor so any changes can be made when issues first arise, saving time further down the track.

“If you find a mistake, call the building supervisor that day,” he says. “That way, come handover you are not waiting for the builder to fix all the mistakes and you can enjoy your new home straight away.”

Overall you want to make sure you arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to remove any hidden surprises during the process.




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Zoe Manderson

Having just finished building her first new home, she lives and breaths all things home.


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