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What To Consider When Planning A New Home Design On A Narrow Block

As metropolitan areas steadily expand and accommodate increasing occupants, the lot sizes are continuing to shrink. A huge part of working out how to build your home is to make sure that the property layout and design can match your current needs. Especially with the challenge of varying size and room requirements, there’s a lot of careful consideration needed in order to work out what may be the best fit. This article will explore a few tips to be mindful of when it comes to building on a narrow block.

building on a narrow block

Create Your Own Room
For additional space, you can aim towards an open-plan living design. This can be done by getting rid of the walls and barriers for a better flow between rooms. By combining the lounge with the kitchen and dining room, everyone in the family can have easy access to functional areas in the house. By adjusting and customizing your floorplan to better suit building on a narrow block, you are able to avoid unexpected expenses and costly renovations.

Less Is More
To make the most of living in a home with a more compact design, arranging flexible rooms and multi-purpose furniture can make all the difference. This could include finding beds and desks that can provide extra storage or shelving. Following a more vertical structure, an ensuite or walk-in wardrobe is convenient and broadens the entire bedroom. Alternatively, you may also have a guest room that you can decide to turn into a home office or gym. With the clutter being cleared away and having an organized place, you can enjoy having neat and tidy spaces.

building on a narrow block

Welcome The Sunlight
You can get rid of dark and gloomy rooms through the use of wide or full-length windows, sliding doors, and high ceilings. This will particularly help when building on a narrow block as the place will feel less cramped and more accommodating. Apart from brightening up the area, letting the natural light inside can also bring a more relaxed, spacious environment and the perception of a larger house. To add, embracing light colours for the design rather than dark fixtures and inclusions can ensure you have a consistent theme.

Don’t Forget The Outdoors
A great advantage of building on a narrow block is having a bigger backyard to work with. You may decide to add much-loved features to your dream home such as an outdoor pool or an alfresco. When hosting guests, you can easily have meals outside and enjoy the fresh air. This would also mean that pets can have a designated area where they can freely run and play.

When figuring out how you want your home to look, having a narrow block of land doesn’t necessarily mean being restricted with the design. Through keeping an open mind and being resourceful, you’re able to further enhance where you live.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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