3 Big Things That Will Make Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Things to look at:


Want to ensure you’ve made a great real estate investment opportunity? Repeat after us – location, location, location! It’s the hottest and most timeless insider investor tip, and comes as no secret to enormous success within any market. Basically, if the location is thoughtfully chosen, the higher the chance of gaining greater returns from your investment.


Finding the “right” location isn’t always the simplest of tasks, however. Close proximity to certain amenities will certainly sway a prospective buyer toward taking an opportunity.

These amenities include:

  • Schools
  • Public Transport
  • Shops and Markets
  • Educational Precincts
  • Lifestyle/Nightlife Activities

Deciding which type of housing you should invest in

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a type of housing for your investment property as both could potentially result in fantastic return, given the right circumstances. If you’re unsure as to whether a unit or house is the “smarter” or “better” investment, there are many considerations to make.

Initial Cost

In most cases, units are more affordable than houses. It’s easier for a first-time investor to raise the capital. Also consider that houses, more often than not, will have a higher entry price point solely because of land value.

Ongoing Expenses

Rates are typically higher on a house. Also consider the copious amounts of land taxes required to pay on an ongoing basis.



If you decide to invest in a house, all maintenance issues are your responsibility. In the case of an apartment, unit or similar, the entire responsibility falls on the body corporate.

Growth Potential

Develop a knack or greater understanding of what the upcoming property hotspots will be. A significant part of property investment is about choosing the best suburb to provide you with the most profit. It’s a good idea to unlock strategies which will help you determine growth areas.

Potential homeowners quickly chop and change perspective, as they gain new intelligence on different suburbs. Suburbs which may have been identified as poor or lacking years ago, may now be viewed favourably. Desirability then changes the landscape of the suburb.

Things you should look at:

  • What’s affordable in the region you’re interested in
  • Check out how the investment property prices have trended in the past few years
  • Find out whether new amenities are being opened up within the area
  • Patterns emerging in local age demographics

If you’re seeking even more information regarding tips, trends or ideas for your investment property, be sure to speak with one of home building experts of 1800 184 284, you can also book a call online.

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