Orbit Homes

Est. 1979
$167,500 - $385,000
200-500 builds P.A.
6 months free maintenance period
7 years guarantee

  • Family Run Business
  • Dedicated to Quality and Service
  • 8 weeks to contract from deposit

In 1979, two young carpenters decided to build the kinds of homes they believed
Australians wanted. Today, as directors of Orbit Homes they continue to design and build
family homes that suit our distinctive Australian lifestyles.

Along the way they also realised that the whole process from design to finished construction
needed to be made easy for home buyers. From their own experience they understood that
the whole build process could be time consuming and unnecessarily complicated.

So they set about changing that, and at Orbit Homes the delivery of a brand new,
stylish Aussie family home is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Our team today consists of people who have been with the Orbit Family since we first
opened our doors and started building great family homes.

A warm welcome home
The Orbit Homes Family

Where we build Show map

Inner Melbourne, Melbourne South East, Melbourne West, Melbourne North West, Melbourne North East, North East Victoria

- MBAV WINNER - Home of the year
- MBAV WINNER - Most innovative use of a small lot
- MBAV WINNER - Best affordable home
- MBAV WINNER - Best multi-unit development award
- HIA VICTORIAN HOUSING AWARD - 2011 best display home up to $250,00 - Vittese 28
- HIA TOP HOMES WINNER - Most affordable home for first home buyers
- HIA TOP HOMES WINNER - Most innovative design for a small home
- HIA TOP HOMES WINNER - Australia Home of the Year