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$195,000 - $398,000
10 years
12 months


In today’s homebuilding industry, there is one company that strives to create new solutions by building on a new way of thinking: UDAYA Homes & Communities. Our philosophy is to endeavour to create a truly inspired quality of life for families looking for more than a house, but a home of enduring quality and distinction. Our vision is to provide leadership on every level of the process, by building on both local and international experience. Our extensive industry knowledge is set to higher standards in the way we think about creating genuine family neighbourhoods and homes, incorporating all facets of sustainable living.

The UDAYA philosophy is to maximize quality and efficiency whilst reducing the cost of construction. Our team will offer a full building scope from engineers, to builders and real estate agents. This development solution will enable a superior building product at an affordable price to the customer. UDAYA Design and Construct are a specialized and dedicated team of building designers, surveyors, energy raters and 3D renderers who have the capacity to take on and conceptualize a design for any building needed in any location. They work closely with UDAYA Engineering, who offer a strong team that incorporates all experts in this field to exceed the skills required for intricate project management, structural engineering and civil engineering.

The constant communication between the two teams, result in not only a superior built form but also a cost effective solution. UDAYA Homes then incorporate their luxury fittings into the dwelling, excelling in construction techniques, methods and style. With a choice of colours, fixtures and finishes, our clients will walk away with the peace of mind that their new UDAYA Home has been specifically designed and catered for their direct needs buy a highly skilled and specialized team.

Furthermore to these services, UDAYA can also provide a team of sales agents. UDAYA Real Estate has the expertise and the skills to sell, lease, market and maintain properties. UDAYA Real Estate is a branch of UDAYA Homes, and will provide our customers with the required marketing material and information about the local markets to support the sale or rentals of their properties.

UDAYA Real Estate works collaboratively with UDAYA Homes to deliver unique sustainable homes to the market. Our strategy, procedures and methods, along with the UDAYA sustainable living techniques, are all designed to encourage a superior building product for the customer. Being able to offer all construction services required for a successful building product, UDAYA can control the entire process from design, construction, and finally the sale of your home or development.

Build locations
Inner Melbourne, Melbourne South East, Melbourne West, Melbourne North West
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA): Yes
  • Master Builders Association (MBA): Yes