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Five Helpful Tips For Working With A Builder

There are few things more vital to a successful and low-stress home build than a strong client-builder relationship. Creating an environment of mutual trust, understanding and effective communication will allow you and your builder to work together efficiently to make your dream home a reality. Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of working with a builder.

working with a builder

1. Do your research

As tempting as it is to rush right into the building phase, it’s important to take the time to research to make sure the builder you choose is the right fit for you. Seek out testimonials, contact and compare different builders so that you can find one that ticks all your boxes.

2. Be decisive and know what you want

A wishy-washy vision cannot be well executed no matter how good your builder is, so make sure that you have an idea of what you want before getting started. Deciding on the interior and exterior fixtures, fittings and finishes early on will allow your builder to work more efficiently and will give you a better indication of costs.

Working with a builder also requires you to be decisive. Constantly changing your mind can stifle productivity, create delays and increase prices. Be firm in your vision, but also be prepared to negotiate and compromise.

3. Communication and trust is key

When working with a builder, talk clearly and often. Make sure they understand what you want and understand their abilities and limitations. Before you begin, ascertain your builder’s contact details and figure out how and when you can communicate with one another throughout the duration of the project.

Keeping documentation will also ensure you and your builder are always on the same page. Have all your specifications laid out before construction starts as it may be hard for your builder to make changes later on, and ensure that both you and the builder keep a record of all goings-on should you run into any bumps along the way.

working with a builder

4. Leave the builders to do their job and understand mistakes happen

As important as it is to keep in touch with your builders, make sure that you give them the space to do their job without micromanaging. Second-guessing their decisions or turning up to the worksite unannounced can create a sense of tension or distrust. Mutually agreeing on a communication schedule with your builder early on will ensure you can keep apprised of all progress while keeping out of contractors’ way. This article provides an insightful summary of your accessibility rights during your new home build.

Working with a builder also means being understanding when things don’t go to plan. If something goes wrong or you want to make a change, approach your builder with an open mind and know that there is only so much they can do. Remember: your builder cannot control the weather or council regulations.

5. Make their workplace a welcoming one

Your future home is your builders’ office – make it a welcoming one! Your tradies will be grateful for some home-cooked goods, coffee runs or even a few beers after a long week!

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Adrianne Kalla

Adrianne is an aspiring writer completing her final year of a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at Deakin University. She is passionate about experimental interior design and would love to build her own house one day.


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