Add A Pool To Your New Home Design: Everything You Need To Know

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Picture this, you have just been handed the keys to your new home and moved in all your new furniture- it finally feels like your dream home. You call up all your friends and family and organise the perfect house warming party, “Bring the kids and bring your bathers! We are having a pool party”. With some great weather, great tunes and food and drinks, you turn your new home house warming party into a pool party that people will be talking about for weeks.

Lucky, you installed that pool as part of your building project. If you are like most people and love nothing more than a weekend spent relaxing in the sun around a pool with friends and family, then getting a pool installed when you build a new house could be the perfect idea. However, with many different options and possible maintenance, it can be a difficult decision to make.

Our friends at Australian Spas and Pools have helped us create a list of considerations to think about when choosing a pool for your backyard.

Considerations for Your New Pool


Should you choose an aboveground or inground pool?

The choice between whether you want an aboveground or inground pool depends largely on the use of the pool use and longevity of the pool, any pool maintenance and the overall cost that you will be hit with. Inground pools are ones which are dug into the ground, meaning that they can be both larger than above ground pools, as well as have more of the features that you are after. Make sure that you consider the following:


Typically, inground pools will last about 20 years compared to the 15 years that an aboveground pool will last. If you are after something that you won’t have to think about as much, and rather just enjoy jumping into your pool, the inground pool is probably the way to go.


All pools with require maintenance to make sure that water quality is maximised and the pool lining is in good quality. Typically, aboveground pools will require resurfacing twice as much as inground pools.


It is easy to assume that inground pools are costlier to build, due to the fact that they are dug into the ground. However, the ultimate cost depends on the quality, size and features of the pool and cannot simply be determined by whether a pool is inground or above groun

At the end of the day having a pool included in your new home build is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Australian whether with your friends and family. If you are interest in building a new home and are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a builder, make sure that you head over to iBuildNew, a place to compare builders and house designs effortlessly. If you would like more information about the new home building process make sure you download our guide to building a new home. With so much fantastic insight into the process, you will be able to feel confident and assured that you are making informed decisions. Additionally, if you are after personal and independent advice, make sure that you call one of our expert phone consultants who can match you with builders who will be able to meet your requirements. You can either call them on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

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