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Understanding The Process Of Working With A Custom Builder

Building a home with a custom builder is different than working with a volume builder. The process can be a bit more complicated but incredibly rewarding. By deciding to go with a custom builder, you have the potential to create a home that delivers everything you need. The building process can be a personal experience but here are a few things to understand when planning to build a custom home.


Custom Builder Timeline

Initial Consultation for Design and Brief

The design process will obviously be a large part of building your custom home. Initially you will discuss what it is your looking to build and design potentials. This gives your custom builder an idea of what you will be looking for in your home. You will also learn more about their services and what they have to offer you.

Site meeting

A site meeting will involve analysing the land you are planning to build upon. This could include the discussion of factors such as building orientation, views and any other building requirements affected by the land.

Design meeting and cost

The planning and requirements of your build will be reviewed. This will ensure that you are both aware of objectives and plan for the step-by-step process of your custom build. This will also be a time where you are given an indication of the budget. It is important that you have a good idea of your home design early on in the building process. This will reduce any change of mind that will lead to additional costs later down the track.

Building Agreement

At this point you will be able to view working drawings, along with finalised site costs and other aspects of budget. You should be able to review all documentation and then make the final decision as to whether you would like to proceed with the building of your home. This is when things will start to get exciting!

Design and interior design development

The amazing part of working with a custom builder on your home design is that it can be created to suit your lifestyle and needs. A custom builder will guide you through the design and interior design process to create a home that is within your budget, yet still a perfect interior for you and your family.

Pre-construction documentation, final drawings and contracts

In this stage, you will be able to view finalised drawings and plans. A phase of more documentation where contracts and applications will be prepared. Once everything is settled, you will sign the building contracts and construction can begin.

Construction phase


During the construction phase it is important that you have good communication with your builder. Your custom builder should keep you updated and informed throughout the construction process to ensure that no mistakes are made and that standards are met. Be involved in your build to make sure that the process runs smoothly.


Now, for the most exciting part! After final payments are made and the build completed. Your new custom home will be handed over to you. Sometimes you will move in before the final touches are made but this can depend you and your builder.

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