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How Long Does A Building Inspection Take?

Engaging a building or pest inspection is a crucial first step before committing to any property. In the excitement of securing your dream home, it can be tempting to rush this process. However, a thorough building inspection can take up to three hours and the process can be further protracted by a number of situational factors. Here is our guide to some of the variables that can prolong your inspection-time.

building inspection

The Size Of The House

This point is pretty self-explanatory. The roomier the house, the more surface area there is to inspect. A good consultant will examine every accessible part of a property, including the exterior, the roof-space and the under-floor area. Therefore, the time it takes to complete a building inspection will largely depend upon property-size.

The Furnishings

One of the great time-consumers. Having to negotiate rooms filled with furniture, or move furnishings that are blocking access to a spot that needs to be inspected, greatly contributes to the time it will for the process to be undertaken.

Security Levels

Strict security measures will inflate inspection-time. Because a consultant is required to check the operability of all doors and windows, and their keys, separate and complicated locking mechanisms will inevitably prolong the process.

building inspection

The Number Of Trees On A Property

This is specific to pest inspection. When searching for early indicators of a destructive termite infestation, inspectors will check the property’s trees for signs of an established nest. Naturally, the more trees there are to examine, the longer the process will take.

Not Being Present During The Inspection

If you are undertaking a pre-purchase building inspection, ensure that either the property manager or owner is present during the appointment. This will help streamline the process and prevent time-consuming stalls like waiting for an alarm to be deactivated or seeking permission to inspect wardrobes.

Other Variabilities

Every property is different and there are, of course, other variabilities that contribute to the length of an inspection. Garages, carports and garden sheds should be thoroughly inspected. A similar process should be applied to separate laundry or bathroom spaces. Storm-water drains, steps, fences, paths and drives are also potential features that will need to be appraised. Other obstructions, such as curious children or dogs, can also disrupt the process and prolong the inspection-time. Consider alternate arrangements for your pets or little people on inspection-day.

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