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How To Use Texture To Zone Your Open-Plan Home

While an open-plan home is all the rage right now, making use of zoning is important to give your area depth and space. Using texture can bring a new dimension to your design leaving the finished product feeling complete, welcoming and oh so stylish. Here are some tips to make texture your secret weapon:

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Reflective Surfaces
Using a bold colour reflective surface will be a lighter way to add some colour to your open plan home. The shiny surface will reflect the natural sunlight and make the space feel warm as well as giving it a sense of separation from other living areas. If you have a vibrant kitchen, using hues of the same colour throughout the other spaces will subtly connect the home making it feel infused and complete.

Adding shelving is a great way to zone your room without making the space feel too enclosed and cramped. Shelving can add a strategic element to plain white walls in any room and becomes a unique feature to any room in the house. Shelves are also a great way to showcase and organise objects that may result in clutter otherwise.

open-plan home

Follow these tips to cosy up your open-plan home.

Choosing a trendy patterned wallpaper will effectively separate the rooms in your house and can also be a great tool to complement your existing decor. Wallpaper can be easily purchased and applied and is offered in a wide range of colours and patterns that will make a modern and stylish statement without breaking the bank.

Use Valchromat
If you have seen any modern open-plan home design lately, the chances are you have seen designers use coloured panelling on the walls. Valchromat is made up of recycled wood fibres that are coloured throughout. These panels are eco-friendly, strong, and also come in many vibrant colours. The rich, lively hues make it a great choice for zoning a room; working to both highlight the space as well as create a division.

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Corked Walls
While this may sound strange or give you a sudden craving for wine, using cork in your open plan home may just be the missing ingredient. Much like wallpaper, cork on a wall will give it a feature like feel while complementing a vibrant pattern nicely. Using this technique adjacent to a room with patterned wallpaper will add character to the space as well as help to demarcate the zones brilliantly without either one being too overwhelming.

Break Up The Flooring
A large open-plan home will ample space will allow you to be more creative with your flooring options. It’s possible to mix and match different types of flooring to help separate living zones, as long as the flooring types complement each other and create a cohesive flow.

Shaggy, patterned or colourful rugs can also be a great method of zoning a living space. Having a rug complement your interior design pallet can help set the perimeter of a room without disrupting the overall flow and cohesion of your home.

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