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How To Create Your New Home Design Brief

Planning a new house or renovating is a very big and exciting project that needs thorough preparation. Especially the realization of your vision may seem like a challenging process. We want to show you how to best approach a home design brief to create your new dream home. The goal is to fulfil all your needs as well as your wishes in the new home. Therefore, you have to be clear about what it is you really need and what’s rather an appreciated extra. Be aware of the fact that it’s usually not possible to realize every idea you have. A crucial point in designing your new home, therefore, is setting your priorities right. Here is our guide on what to consider when creating your new home design brief:

Find Out About What You Need And Want
The best way to find out what is really important to you is by comparing your future living situation with the current one. Ask yourself: What do I like most about my home? What don’t I like that has to be improved in the new one? What features can’t I live without? The answers to these questions will give you clarity as well as a base to start building your brief on.

new home designImage: Eclectic Trends

Step By Step
The basic layout and structure of your house should be focused on first. You need to decide on how to use the space you have, how many rooms you want to include as well as what to make out of them. Once you have worked on these matters you can continue by getting inspired for your further home design. Use the internet, magazines or check out your friends’ places to find out what styles, shapes, colours and materials you like best. This article helps define your personal interior-design type!

At this stage of your research, you don’t need to focus on structuring your ideas. This step gives you the opportunity to go all out with your design ideas. Creating mood boards with your ideas is a great way to record them and get an overview of your work.

What’s Your Vision?
Another very useful means to help you visualize your ideas are online 3D room planners. With these programs, you can create a digital room and also design it just the way you would want it to be in your new home. You can add furniture, wallpapers and paints as well as other accessories. Once you know what your vision is and have gathered all your ideas, you should look at them and try to find common features to establish a structure in your brief. They will tell you what kind of shapes, fabrics and styles to realize and make it easier to plan from there.

new home designImage: SelberMachen

You now know about your wants and needs, your priorities and style and you’re all set to start creating your new home design brief! And remember – you don’t have to stick to your brief ‘to a T’. Not everything works out as planned and some plans can change last minute!

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Lara Ziegler

Lara has always enjoyed experiencing different architectural styles and housing all over the world. She is also interested in interior design and loves to furnish and design rooms.


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