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How To: Create A Lighting Plan For Your New Home 

Lighting is an integral, yet vastly underrated and underappreciated part of a home. Whilst lighting is a feature that most people take for granted, the quality and placement of lighting can drastically change the overall aesthetic of a home. A good lighting plan will enhance the look and feel of a new home. Here are some of our tips to help you create a lighting plan for your new home.

lighting plan

Before picking out lights or lighting fixtures, take a look around your new home. What is the overall aesthetic you would like your new home to achieve? Do you want your new home to be brightly illuminated or a little more understated? Or perhaps you want options for both?

Take some notes on all your living spaces and think about how each room in the house can be used. For example, the living area may primarily be a space for relaxing and watching television after a hard day of work, but it can also double up as a home office or a guest area for celebrations and gatherings. If you live with other people, it is also important to consider their lighting requirements. For example, studies have shown that on average, 70-year-olds need 15 times more light than 10-year-olds. These kinds of requirements need to be recognised and accommodated. 

lighting plan

Home Design: Hampton 490 by Long Island Homes

Now for the planning – sketch out a floor plan of each room in your home roughly to scale and include as many room details as you can. Mark out any windows, doors, furniture or other large items. As mentioned before, each room or living space has different lighting needs. It’s important to think about the task, accent and ambient lighting of each space.

Task lighting typically includes lamps that assist with work and study tasks. Accent lighting is lighting that is used to draw attention to specific areas or decor in a room, such as wall art or plants. Ambient lighting includes wall lights, chandeliers and other overhead lighting features used to illuminate whole areas of a room. Ideally, each room will feature a unique mixture of these lighting features.

Home Design: Colorado 33 by Plantation Homes

The living room is typically the largest and most utilised space in a home. It is recommended that lighting in these rooms revolves around a single ambient lighting fixture accompanied by accent and task lighting fixtures, including table lamps and wall lighting, a setup which provides some lighting variety. 

Another place where many individuals spend a lot of their at-home hours in is the bedroom. Therefore, choosing a lighting plan that offers ample lighting whilst also avoiding distracting shadow formations is vital. In many of these spaces, a central source of ambient light accompanied by task lighting from desk lamps, bedside lamps are also a classic arrangement, whilst kids and teenagers may also enjoy ambient lighting from secondary lighting sources, such as fairy lights. 

lighting plan

Home Design: Queenscliff 416 by Fairhaven Homes

Creating a lighting plan for a new home can be tricky, however, sticking with a comprehensive and flexible lighting plan will keep your home lit. 

Whatever you are looking for in a new home, make sure to speak to our independent consultants. They are here to help you 7 days a week and assist you with all of your queries regarding the new home building process or even investment opportunities. Call them on 1800 184 284, or book a call online.

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