Outdoor Area Ideas for 2019

When thinking up outdoor area ideas, most of us try to follow trends relating to our home, neglecting our yard and garden. Still, decorating and maintaining your garden could bring significant changes related not only to the aesthetics, but it could also raise the value of your house. To be up to date, here are some outdoor area ideas to create an aesthetically pleasing space that combines unique elements and introduces interesting solutions.

Decorating your outdoor area according to the industrial style means playing with contrasts. In other words, recover an industrial element (usually a metal piece or sculpture or a glass item), place it in the garden and let it combine with a plant or a rock. Bear in mind the color, shape, size and texture – the two need to be in juxtaposition regarding the four elements. In this way, a relationship between the natural and industrial element is formed, but the contrast is still visible.
Use concrete walls to tell a story about an urban jungle. Create a living wall by buying self-watering units to plant climbers all around the garden. By letting them go wild, as well as the plants surrounding the industrial elements around the garden, you will create an effect of a wild garden that still has some order and meaning in it.

The use of wood has remained popular when it comes to decorating an outdoor area. Firstly, it is resistant to many weather conditions, including both intensive sunlight and heavy rain, making it cost-effective. Secondly, using this natural element is environmentally-friendly, too – we save nature by simultaneously enjoying a part of it in our yards.
Wooden fences, furnishings, paths covered with wood and wooden birdhouses – anything you add to your garden will freshen up the atmosphere and bring you closer to nature. Wooden decking is a creative way to use wood in an outdoor area – it’s both practical and decorative. If you want to go big, make the whole patio out of wood – it won’t look out of place no matter how big it gets.

Minimalistic and Scandinavian styles are heavily popular outdoor area ideas. Minimalism sticks to the basics, which are usually in a form of clean lines and neutral colours. Less is more, especially for a garden, where you want natural beauty to prevail. On the other hand, the Scandinavian style also uses slick lines in the furnishings but tries to add naturalistic elements to the atmosphere – outdoor fireplace, together with the firewood carefully arranged to serve as a decorative element, too. Garden furniture is constantly exposed to sunlight, so you also need to add appropriate protection. You can look for unique looking outdoor umbrellas which will fit in with the specific style of the garden. Protecting yourself and the furniture from the weather with stylish items will be a part of your garden’s charm.

The right lighting in the garden is equally important as the presence of sunlight during the day. It adds to the overall atmosphere, so make an effort while picking it out and positioning it. Once you know which areas of your garden you want to highlight, position the lighting carefully so that it really serves the purpose. LED lighting is the best solution – you can choose between warm and cold lights. Warm lights are perfect for cozy evenings, while the colder ones can be used to accentuate a certain feature in the garden.

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Monica Gibson

Monica Gibson is a decoration expert with a degree in architecture and 8+ years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to create their perfect home.


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