Outdoor Area Ideas for Sophisticated Alfresco Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining is a popular pastime for us Aussies and it has definitely become a part of our lifestyle. Your outdoor area is the perfect place to spend time with your friends and family, or just to simply sit back, relax and enjoy reading a good book in the fresh air. We’ve got plenty of outdoor area ideas to help you make the most of this space and even boost your property’s value if you decide to sell or rent it out.

Whether you have a big backyard or a small patio space, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect outdoor area.
Before you begin to research outdoor area ideas, ask yourself this question: what do you want the purpose of your outdoor area to be? You should picture yourself using that space. The more thought and consideration that you put into this space, the more it can be utilised.

We’ve come up with some outdoor area ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor space!


Create a Comfortable Seating Area

Entertainers should take into account seating for any guests should the occasion arise! You can get creative and even use milk crates as stools. Fixed bench seating is also a good idea, creating an illusion of multiple spaces for guests to mingle around and talk to others. Extra care should be taken when it comes to deciding the fabric for your furniture. The options for durable outdoor fabric are always expanding. You want to enjoy your outdoor area and not spend all of your time trying to maintain it. So make sure you choose materials for durability, that can survive the heat, cold and the rain.


Have an Alfresco Dining Area

Outdoor entertaining and food go hand in hand and an outdoor dining area is just as important as an indoor one. An outdoor dining area allows you to dine, entertain and connect with your friends and family on a different level. Being out in the open and surrounded by beautiful scenery can bring everyone together. Outdoor dining is also perfect for parties, especially if you throw large dinner parties very often. The option to cook outside is an additional bonus. An outdoor kitchen can be just as simple as a barbeque. Motivate yourself to dine outdoors more often as a change of scenery can do wonders.


Embrace the Nature

Since you are outdoors, embrace the beauty that nature provides us with. Use the greenery to your advantage and use colourful pot plants and decorative planters to enhance them. Think outside the box and incorporate greenery and flowers in different ways. Flower walls have become a really popular trend lately and make a really amazing backdrop. You could also brighten up a wall with small, colourful pot plants held in brackets.



It is important to consider how you are going to use your outdoor space no matter what the weather is. Having shaded areas to relax in is good when it is 40 degrees out. However, permanent shading that blocks out all the sun might not be such a good idea when you want to enjoy the sunshine on a winter’s day. Retractable blinds and awnings are a good option for when you want to easily switch around.


Photo credit: petermayerblinds.com.au


Lighting is very important to consider when it comes to outdoor areas, not just for the wonderful ambience, but also for safety. You have to make sure to position them carefully so that the walkways are well lit for people to see where they are going. Installing the correct outdoor lighting can really bring your outdoor space together and set the mood. Fairy lights are a popular trend and are easy to maintain and wrap around structures, giving a warm, cozy glow to your outdoor space.


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Manya Mehra

Manya graduated with an Honours degree in 2018 in Creative and Professional Writing. Alongside that, she is passionate about interior design, house renovation and art.


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