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Creating a Home Inspiration Board for Your New Home Design

There is nothing quite like searching for new home inspiration and the joy of envisioning the way you will design your new home – with the endless amount of styles, colours and furniture options to choose from, sometimes all the choice can get a bit overwhelming.

Creating an inspiration or vision board for your new home design can help to smooth out the process and declutter your mind by placing all your ideas in one place. Having an inspiration board will allow you to sort through what you will love (or steer away from) in your new home.

If you are already aware of the style of home you’re looking to create – that is great! One step closer to creating your perfect inspiration board. Interior design blogs and magazines can be a great way to expand your ideas.

If you have little idea of what styles you favour- no worries. This means that your search for inspiration gets to be a bit broader and more open to the potential of different looks, styles and furniture. Start with browsing different design styles and compare and contrast what you like by placing them together on the board. Eventually you will find what you love and by placing them together find out whether the exotic lamp you like goes well with that wall colour you are dreaming off. There is a couple ways you can do it:

Electronic Inspiration

Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular way to browse designs and ideas for a range of topics. In the case that you would prefer to keep your inspiration board electronically, Pinterest is the place for you. With the ability to create virtual ‘Boards’, you are able to categorise different sections of the design process. This can be as broad as categorising different styles of homes, to as specific as the type of light fitting you might want for your bedroom. Pin other users posts and photos to your boards or be given the ability to upload your own photos that you’ve located elsewhere. It provides endless possibilities when discovering home inspiration.

Something More Physical

That is not to dismiss the value of creating a tangible board filled with inspiration for your home design. Pinterest is still a great place to go to find images to print out and add to your board – as well as home magazine cutouts, browsing display homes and blogs. Having physical control over where you place certain images is going to assist you in understanding what interests work well together and how you can incorporate these into your final design.

A few tips when creating your board:

Keep things neat

The idea of the vision board is to organise your ideas in a comprehensive way – so keep things neat and not too cluttered.

Don’t be scared to include something that’s different

It can be hard to choose things we like over things that we feel are safe or what we’re used to. Let yourself think outside the box and don’t judge anything that catches your eye.

Multiple Boards

If you want to get specific, create different inspiration boards for the different spaces you are focusing on.

Mix Things Up

You don’t have to be confined to collecting images of homes and interiors. If you find a piece of fabric or a pattern that really takes your fancy – pin that on the board as well. Any inspiration is welcomed inspiration.

Consider some of the fun spaces that will feature in your home when making your inspiration board.

iBuildNew gives you the ability to browse housing and interiors listed under their builders and developers, as well as 3D virtual tours, and information regarding display homes to help inspire your new home design. If you need assistance getting started on your new home building journey, make sure you call one of our expert consultants. They are here to help 7 days a week on 1800 184 284 or you can book a call here.

Katrina Ellis

Katrina is passionate about plants, interior design and inspiring others to create their perfect living space


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