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Timeless VS Trendy: What’s Best For My Home Design?

Home design can be tricky, and the question of whether to keep up with the current design trends or to go for timeless pieces is one of the trickiest. Want to make your home look like the ones on Instagram but aren’t sure if you’ll like it in five years? Here are some tips to help you furnish your home and adapt to trends.

home design

Home Design: Chelsea 37 by Metricon

The mix of simple and fashionable
An easy way to ensure your home can adapt to trends is by keeping the more expensive aspects simple and making the least expensive changes modern. By using timeless colours in couches, countertops or flooring, you can afford to experiment with rugs, lighting or small furnishings. The aim is to avoid blowing your budget on concrete flooring for your kitchen you might think is unfashionable in the years to come. But if you love that concrete flooring, perhaps put in in a smaller room, like the bathroom, so it’ll be less of an expense to redo in the future.

Keep it clean
While a minimal home design may not sound fun, those natural colours and classic silhouettes are timeless for a reason. Earthy tones keep your home calm but adaptable, meaning you could go through different styles of hanging art without having any clashes.

Handles and taps are another way to incorporate trends without breaking the bank. If you buy simple vintage cabinets for your kitchen, you can switch out furnishings, going from sleek black to gold without buying a new kitchen.

home design

Home Design: Pollock 24 by Privium Homes

Vintage furniture is another great way to keep it trendy and timeless and make it look like you’ve been trawling vintage markets instead of picking showroom furniture. Older pieces have already proved they have staying power and look great when paired with more modern items.

Light fixtures are also a great way to keep trendy items in your home, as they can easily be replaced if need be.

Your personal style
It sounds obvious, but making sure your home reflects your style should be your priority. Basing your home on what’s popular on Pinterest may be fun, but you want your home to be yours. Focus on incorporating these trends in, instead of basing your entire home design on them. The most important part you may be asking yourself is what you love. Maybe it’s exposed brick and hardwood floors, or the feature walls and simple furnishings you grew up with. Whatever it may be, before you consider incorporating trendy pieces into your home, factor in what will excite you about your house for years to come. A textured feature wall is a fantastic way to keep it simple but play with trendy design.

home design

Home Design: Sienna 27 by Hudson Homes

When debating whether a trendy item will stand the test of time, perhaps ask yourself these questions –

  • Is it adaptable and simple?
  • Can it serve as a backdrop to whatever is in fashion at the moment?
  • Would I still love this if it wasn’t a current trend, and did I love it before it was everywhere?

At the end of the day, investing in items that make you happy is the easiest way to begin home design. If they make you happy now, they’ll most likely continue to in the future, and can change to suit your changing design taste. There may not be a definite blueprint to follow for your home design, but designing your home for you is the best place to start.

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Ella McEwan

Ella is currently studying a Masters of Journalism at Monash University. She is passionate about interior design and eco-friendly housing.


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