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Kid’s Bedroom Ideas That Are Fun Yet Functional

Children’s bedrooms can be a joy to design – after all, they’re spaces of imagination and creativity! While brainstorming kid’s bedroom ideas that are equal parts style and function can seem challenging, there are many ways to create a space that’s both pretty and practical. Capture the essence of your child’s personality and construct the creative, yet functional room of their dreams with our 10 handy tips below…

kid's bedroom ideasImage: Houzz

1. Create a comfortable space
Dedicating a small section of the room solely to relaxation and fun is a great way to give your kids a space to just hang out. Whether you opt for a large bean bag or an overstuffed chair, an area that’s cozy and inviting allows your kids the chance to unwind in the comfort of their own room.

2. Workspace
A practical, yet stylish desk is a key investment piece when coming up with your kid’s bedroom ideas. A workspace for simple creative tasks or completing homework needs to stand the test of time, so be sure to select a desk that’s durable and not likely to become dated.

3. Bold Art
Photos and prints are one simple way to convey a sense of fun and personality and can easily be updated as your child matures. Hang beautiful and colourful pieces guaranteed to inspire and delight, whether they be perfectly mismatched or a stylish set.

kid's bedroom ideasImage: Elle Decor

4. Task Lighting
Given kids’ rooms have multiple functions, quality lighting is especially important! Well-positioned lamps or unique pendant fittings add that extra touch to a youthful space. Ditch the harsh, fluorescent glare for a warm, ambient glow.

5. Snug Bedding
While important in any bedroom, cozy layers and textured materials make a bed especially comfortable and inviting for little kids. Bedspreads in bright colours, with fun prints or designs, lend a more unique sense of style.

6. Colour Code
When thinking of a kid’s bedroom ideas, pick their favourite colour and stick to it. Introduce paler and deeper shades and pair with matching colours. Not only will this appease your child, but it’ll also give you a sense of style and order in what can be a messy and mismatched space.

kid's bedroom ideasImage: Elle Decor

7. Personal Hobbies
Displaying your child’s work, interests and beloved toys is one simple way to encourage learning and make their room feel more personal. A corkboard or even basic shelving enables your child to exhibit their most prized possessions and feel inspired.

8. Wall Coverings
Stylish wallpaper that won’t become ‘childish’ or date easily can definitely give a room a much-needed lift. Aside from giving you a base for your colour palette, it brings obvious character and appeal for kids. Alternatively, you can opt for wall stickers for a more hassle-free approach to wall decor.

9. Window Shades
If you’re reluctant to break up the colour scheme of your home then substitute bright walls for vivid or patterned curtains. Whether you choose your child’s favourite cartoon character, or simply opt for a single bold colour, shades don’t have to be purely functional and bland.

10. Storage
The best way to reduce clutter and keep a space tidy is large, open shelving and amply sized hooks. Consider box shelves for a more unique and child-friendly approach to storage that leaves everything easily insight and reach, yet still maintains a sense of order.

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Kaylah Chesson

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