Visiting A Display Home? Consider These Questions

Visiting a display home is a fun way to visualise your future home in the flesh and imagine different design features in a real-world sense. If you like what you see, picking a builder and choosing different interior trends can be made easier, however, there are many important questions that need to be asked to avoid future headaches and potential hassle. To make your building journey a smooth one, here are a few things to ask when shopping around:

What is the building process?
Understanding the timeframes in place from choosing your builder to receiving the keys for your new home is important. This measure of time will allow you to decide if you will have enough time to get your affairs in order. If you need your home built quickly – this could be a huge ultimatum.

How does the space make you feel?
While visiting a display home is a great way to visualise different building layouts and finishings, take the time to ask yourself – can I see myself living here? This question is just as important. Space and layout can have a direct correlation to our sense of comfort and happiness, so if you don’t feel 100% at home, then you will face this issue far into the future.

visiting a display home

What does the price include?
For any new home builder, budget is the first thing on the list and is the first thing that can sway and be inconsistent. When visiting a display home, ask exactly what is being covered in the cost of the home and uncover any loopholes where additional costs and extras may try and work their way into your final price. It may not seem like much at the time, but if you have to buy multiple finishing items like flyscreens, TV antenna, letterbox, clothesline, gardens and a driveway, it can get costly.

Can things be changed?
It is not uncommon to visit a display home and fall in love with certain features and elements but be far from impressed with others. Asking what changes can be made to the layout will give you an answer which may make you re-evaluate your final decision. This is because some of your ideas may not be structurally possible or be compliant with the builder’s rules.  It can get expensive when you move away from the original design. Make sure you get a fixed quote before you decide to go ahead with any alterations.

How many power outlets will we have?
Considering an average family home and how many electrical devices and appliances are used daily, you will want to make sure your home is adequately fitted with enough power points to accommodate for everyone. Asking whether a room has double power points will be beneficial and there will be a chance you will need to include more than what is in the base design, therefore upping your overall home’s cost.

visiting a display homeImage: Porter Davis

What brands do the builders use?
Asking this when visiting a display home will give you the opportunity to go home and do your research and discover the quality of the products and the subsequent builder.

Will the alfresco area be included in the price of the home?
An alfresco area is a huge selling point for many homeowners and will add very valuable living and entertaining space to a house. If a display home has an alfresco dining space as a feature, asking whether this is included in the base price will help you work to your budget. If it is not included this can prove to be an extremely costly inclusion and can become even more expensive if its an addition you wish to include post-build.

Want to get started on your search for display homes, or just looking to pursue local display homes? We can help you organise your priorities and get you on the right track to creating the perfect home for you. Give one of our experts a call on 1800 184 284 or book a call today.

Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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