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Choose The Right Facade Design To Amp Up Your Street Appeal

Building a new home can be hugely rewarding. But, the design process can be a real chore, especially for first-timers. Whether you choose to do an image makeover for the facade of your house or upgrade your living space, getting the house built exactly to your specifications takes months of careful planning. Creating a floor plan such as the arrangements and size of the rooms is necessary but customising a facade design is equally as important. The recent trend towards elevating the street appeal of your home not only completes the package but also justify the added value of your home. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a facade design for your new home.

facade design

Design: Simonds Homes

Street Appeal
The location of your house plays a key factor in the facade design. It goes without saying that the facade of your house has to blend well with the area you live in. Prior to choosing the facade design, you like, take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what suits best. While your style preference matters, the facade design should, ideally, withstood the test of time. Should you decide to sell your property, the very first thing that catches the buyers’ eye is the facade of your house. If the facade design appeals to potential buyers, the value of your property will increase significantly.

Pick materials that require low maintenance costs in the long-run. Durability is the key to sustainability. Timber cladding is used in most contemporary homes. It has a timeless quality and matches well with almost every colour scheme. Stone cladding is very versatile – it complements perfectly with concrete walls or architectural embellishments. Using a combination of materials such as concrete, glass and plaster can enhance the facade of your house.

facade design

Design: Metricon

Colours add personality to the facade of your house and help differentiate yours from the rest. Neutral colours like grey, white and brown are typically used as the base colour of the facade. These colours vary depending on the types of materials used, but there is an abundance of options for customisation. As a rule of a thumb, avoid any attempts to turn your house into a riot of colours!

Whilst not officially part of the facade choice you will make, it’s a good idea to get familiar with how it could add to the overall first impression of your home. Your landscape options could become great visual aspects for kerb appeal, but it can also have an opposite effect if not done properly. In most cases, planting can soften the harsh architectural lines and surfaces to achieve a harmonious feel!

facade design

Design: Fairhaven Homes

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Diana Pratiwi

Diana's background is in Journalism and International Relations. She is drawn to open floor plan architecture that combines the living and dining rooms into one cozy communal space and her ideal home would be one that has a lot of natural light.


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