Home Ideas That Any Busy Family Will Appreciate

With a full household, busy families can often feel the struggle of a home they are slowly outgrowing. To combat the issue of lack of space, many families look to renovate or build a home big and versatile enough to suit their needs of a high energy lifestyle. Often, we find ourselves juggling many jobs in our day to day lives. This doesn’t change once we get past the frame of our front door. To make things easier here are some home ideas to better cater to your growing family:

The kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a place where dad makes his morning coffee, mums cooks and the kids do their homework. By expanding this space with a big island bench, you are entering multitask heaven! Next time a weekend rolls around the kitchen is buzzing with life, the feelings of claustrophobia will be longtime and family time will be appreciated.

home ideas

Open floor plans
What better way to make your home feel homey than with an open floor plan. Adding this to your home plan will mean that whilst everyone has the freedom to partake in their own activities, the family will still feel connected. Late afternoons will be a great way for parents to oversee their kids in the living room whilst cooking dinner, and the teenagers will be granted the freedom to have a pizza party on the weekends in the living room without disrupting the young ones who are doing their homework on the island bench.

While the name mudroom doesn’t sound overly appealing, the space which is designed for the clutter of shoes, bags and coats near the garage door will be a lifesaver to combat mess. An ideal mudroom would be equipped with a storage box cabinet for shoes, a bench for the little ones to tie their laces, a coat hanger or even a whiteboard used to document important dates and family notices. The beauty of a mudroom means that not only is the mess of discarded coats bags and shoes reduced, but it is also a space in the house that organises chaos and will help with the morning rush.

home ideas

Laundry room
Children go through so many clothes. In fact, it piles and piles for weeks and seems never ending! With their extracurricular activities like weekly sports or part-time jobs for teenagers, parents will soon feel like they are drowning in washing. When considering some home ideas remember, a new home won’t actually do the laundry for you, but two laundry rooms is a feature you never knew you wanted. If you are living in a double story property, consider adding in a secondary laundry room to service the children living upstairs.

The luxury of storage is a factor that often goes forgotten in when brainstorming home ideas. Adding emphasis to the size of closets, pantries and linen cupboards will save you from a world of clutter and mess. For busy families who don’t have the luxury of time, one weekly food shop will mean that all the groceries should comfortably fit in a butlers pantry. Walk-in pantries are a great addition to family homes that host many mouths to feed.

home ideas

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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