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Christmas Tree Decorations to Impress

Christmas is approaching so it’s time to get in the festive spirit and decorate your tree! Think Christmas tree decorations like sparkly tinsels, gold accents and fairy lights – there are so many creative ways to adorn your home with a beautiful tree.

1. Ditch the tradition

You can always go for the classic scheme of red and green, red and white, and metallics. But I personally much prefer trying something contemporary. A fresh, updated look never fails to serve as a conversation starter.

Choose a theme that you love and works well with the style of your home. Have fun playing with different colours, but restrict to two or three. The repetition of colours creates a strong statement and allows different shapes and size of Christmas tree decorations to stand out. Here are some inspirations for you:

Modern minimal: Crisp white teamed with blonde hues of raffia and wicker. A joyful palette of pastel colours goes hand in hand with this Scandinavian trend, along with glimmers of pearl and geometric shaped ornaments.


Rusty Country: Combine ornaments in natural material (such as pinecones and wooden snowflakes), with a length of hessian delicately wrapped around the tree. Add warm metallic accents in copper, brass and bronze for a slightly glamorous touch.

White Christmas: Perfect for those who loves a balance of new and old. Opt for a frosted Christmas tree with white and silver stars and icicles, balanced with warm shades of champagne, pale pink and rose gold.

2. Skip the shopping

Limit to 5-6 varying types of decorations for a more refined look and avoid overloading the tree. This also means that you shouldn’t have to buy a lot of new decorations each year.

Do a stocktake of your existing decorations so you know what you’ve got to work with, and what Christmas tree decorations need to be updated to suit your theme.

Recycle and revamp the decorations you already have before buying more. A simple DIY project can be spray painting last year’s baubles, or even cover them with coloured glitters.


A fun way to involve the kids is by baking gingerbread biscuits and hang them on a tree with ribbons. They don’t require purchasing new craft materials and look much more sophisticated compared to a few uncoordinated handmade ornaments.


Remember to avoid fragile glass baubles if you have kids or pets. Look out for beautiful decorations that are easy to care for, such as cotton, felt and feathers.

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Image: Youtube

3. Start decorating!

Lights, garland and ornaments are the essentials. The beauty of using these three is that you can create depth and richness to the overall look of the tree.

Working in layers is the secret to a Christmas-catalogue-perfect tree. Start off with the classic single colour baubles as a base, then move to the decorative trimmings, and fill any gays with tied ribbon or stems of faux flowers.

Layer decorations deep on branches as well at the front, evenly spaced out. Your hero ornaments should be positioned front and centre eye level. At the top, you can go for a classic angel or a cheerful pom-pom.

The base of the tree should always be concealed. Tree skirts can be purchased in stores, or you can wrap a beautiful piece of fabric around the base instead and tie it up with a big ribbon. You can also try placing the tree in a big wicker basket or concrete pot.


Your Christmas tree is best in a low-traffic corner, but still prominent enough to be showcased to incoming guests. If you want to really impress, keep all your festive decorations (dining table, wreaths, gift wrapping) to the same theme as your tree. It will look super chic as though you bought everything from a boutique store!

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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