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Comfortable Living in Smart Homes: 4 House Systems to Automate

Technology continues to evolve making everyday life even more convenient. One of these ongoing developments is home automation. It not only makes working around the house a whole lot easier, but it also inspires better and energy-efficient construction.

From the outdoor to the indoor components of a home, there are programmable devices that you can control remotely. Forget about manual operations and, instead, set your home system to automatically do certain tasks for you. Relax at home without the worries of forgetting to turn on your sprinkler or manually closing your blinds. That being said, here are four basic house systems that you can automate for your very own convenience.

Smart Home Ideas


It is no secret that windows are a vital part of your home for structural and cosmetic purposes. They also keep your home well-lit during daytime and secure at night. However, there are instances when the sunlight becomes too strong for your liking.

Cover your windows with programmable blinds that you can schedule to close and open at a given time, so you don’t have to do it manually. You can relax on your recliner and remotely do this. Smart windows work the same way. They turn from being transparent to frosted or tinted in order to block out too much light from entering and heating up your rooms.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are installed in different parts of your home, with some rooms having more lighting fixtures than others. Your lighting system can take up so much power and may cost you a big portion of your monthly household budget. But you can now lessen your energy consumption by remotely turning off lights using an automated lighting system. Smart light bulbs in your homes can bring this convenience to you. A smart light system can detect the amount of light your house needs using its sensors. It also analyses motion and heat emission so it automatically turns on the bulbs when someone is around.


Some home appliances consume more energy than others. Some also use standby power even when they are not in use as long as they are plugged in. This means added utility cost. Save power with smart appliances that can be scheduled to automatically turn off when not in use. Forgot to turn off your TV before going to another room in the house? Use your smart system or app to turn it off wherever you are in your home.

Heating & Cooling

With a smart air conditioner in the house, you will be able to manage your heating and cooling system more efficiently. You can control the AC using a smartphone app or whatever system is needed to remotely access the cooling equipment. Along with smart thermostats, your home will have that nice temperature you prefer without you having to adjust the settings manually throughout the day. The system will detect the current room temperature and stabilises the thermostat to a comfortable level for you.

All these systems are powered by smart home technology and will make your life easier day by day. This is the same convenience you will experience when working with iBuildNew. We have the latest housing plans available for your perusal. We also have a team of experts and professionals on board who can help you bring your smart home plans to fruition. Reach our consultants at 1800 184 284 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Mondays to Fridays and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturdays to Sundays or book a call online.


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