How To Achieve A Stylish Home With Kids

Designing your home to be child-friendly and effortlessly stylish isn’t as challenging as you might think! Striking the balance between functional comfort and timeless elegance is a breeze when you have some of the simplest and most inexpensive tips at your disposal! To help you create a gorgeous and trendy home that can still handle all the mess and chaos of little people, check out our best interior design ideas below…

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1. Embrace texture and pattern
Not only does a complementary mix of fabrics and patterns easily elevate a space, but it also provides a convenient disguise for any accidental spills or unsightly stains. When designing your home, opt for a durable, textured throw to drape over your lounge suite and reduce the risk of any greasy little fingers leaving permanent marks! Consider upholstering cushions and armchairs in an ikat print or bold, graphic pattern that adds personality, colour and energy to your interior.

2. Select durable upholstery
Given it’s surprisingly easy to find long-lasting, yet stylish fabrics these days combining practicality with simple chic is now an effortless task. Choosing durable upholstery for your everyday furniture, such as your lounge and dining suites makes cleaning up those inevitable messes nearly pain-free! There’s no need to sacrifice style when you can readily source family-friendly fabrics that provide high rub content, durability and structural integrity.

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3. Storage, storage and more storage!
Kids come with lots of possessions and their accumulation of toys, mementos and large, fluffy teddy bears will only increase as they age. Designing your home with lots of closet space and selecting the right pieces with plenty of built-in storage is one way to keep your home child-friendly, yet tidy. Ensure the toys have their own space and are easily accessible with shelving, cabinetry and storage baskets. A home free of clutter is instantly welcoming and allows your style to shine through.

4. Washable paint
Nothing destroys your design aesthetic faster than walls covered with blotches, dents and marks! There’s no need to paint in darker colours, simply opt for a washable paint that can easily be touched up for those more serious stains. Invest in a handy wall eraser too and you’ll be able to keep those walls sleek, spotless and shiny all year round.

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5. Mess-free floors
Hard flooring is perhaps the smartest choice when it comes to designing your home to be stylish, yet child-friendly. Real wood planks, laminate, vinyl and engineered floorboards are sure to look great for years, even with dirty feet and lots of traffic. Accentuate with thick, dark rugs to add warmth and contrast to hard floors.

6. Make their room a haven
In seeking to create a timelessly stylish abode, don’t forget that your home is home to your children too! If there’s one space where their personal flair should truly shine through, it’s their room. Highlight their achievements and bring lots of light, comfort and colour with bold polka dot patterns in paint-pot primaries – red, blue and yellow. Put their artwork and designs on display and create a mismatched gallery for your child to enjoy and admire.

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Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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