Tips & Tricks For Decorating On A Budget

Decorating your home has often meant splurging on new furniture and fabrics. Despite popular belief, transformative changes in style do not always have to cost you a fortune. The novelty you’re looking for can be right in front of you and creating a unique aesthetic décor for your home be as simple as shuffling colours around and repurposing household items. Here are six tips that’ll breathe new life into your house when you’re decorating on a budget.

decorating on a budget

Image: Deepdene 246 – Burbank

1. Be Space Savvy

Before throwing on colour and repurposing your old furniture, consider decluttering and organising your house. Extra space can never be undervalued and decluttering will help you discard objects taking up space while. This giving you more choice to work around your ideas. Simple hacks like stacking stools in areas that lack space can be useful when decorating on a budget. Minimalism is all the rage now and moving around a few things may just infuse your home with the freshness you are looking for.

2. Stick to a Colour Scheme

The most cost-effective way here is to pop the walls with a splash of colour. Picking a colour scheme has been a popular choice to begin with and it comes with the added fun of accessories, cushion covers or duvet to the same gradient. A strong colour palette with a wide range of solid colours like blue and yellow will indefinitely make the house look livelier and energetic.  Alternatively, soothing pastels painted within geometric patterns will render a more modern finish.

Image: Diaz 45 – Privium Homes

3. Fun with Fabrics

Buying new drapes to match the colour scheme can be thrilling but consider refurbishing your existing curtain fabric with lace. Patching the hems with lace or adding a delicate lace panel on either side will give the curtains an elegantly classy upgrade while still decorating on a budget.  For duvets and sofa covers, consider upholstering them. Matching pastels with bold hues or floral patterns can be the ideal choice. Keep an eye out for stock clearance sales in big retail stores to get the best deals while creating a relaxed yet aesthetic appeal.

4. Play with Light

Strategically placing glass bottles and mirrors can do wonders for small spaces. Placing old wine bottles or tinted glass jars against light can illuminate the room to give a stained-glass effect.  Similarly, placing mirrors against the windows on either side of the room makes slim spaces appear brighter and bigger. Simply changing light bulbs to a colour or placing them against reflective surfaces will further help create a sense of continuity while the spaces are still separate.

Image: Tahlee 285 – Fairhaven Homes

5. Trip to the Thrift Store

While decorating on a budget, the challenge is to decide what needs money and what doesn’t. This is where a thrift store or a garage sale will come to your rescue. Objects like vintage ceramics, vases, teapots, and chinaware are found at bargain rates while helping you add character to your house. Here, you can get creative with your uniquely curated designs to create a charming blend of artsy and artisanal.

6. Hang Art and Photographs

Adding framed photographs of your family will help construct a personalised space for very little cost. Alternatively, framing a memorable artwork done by your children will be cheaper while creating an adorably quirky display with a nostalgic furnishing. Decorating on a budget can be challenging and will take up a lot of your time. However, a few simple changes give you affordable alternatives that can make all the difference.

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Preity Bhandary

Preity is currently pursuing a Master of Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about sustainable housing and loves exploring the historic architecture of cities.


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